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London Test ride (and something extra)

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So went for a test ride at metropolis in London this morning: 5-6 degree's at the time but clear, and rain had stopped. I myself am around 5'11, 155 pounds and normally ride a Sv650s.

First the positives:
* Excellent riding position, and felt no vibrations from the chassi, or in the pegs or bars.
* Seat was comfortable for me (but I also think the sv650s is perfectly fine)
* Front brake was a dream, and the ABS impressive (the back brake... well nothing special, and in my opinion doesn't have to be)
* Instrument panel was very slick and well lit in dark (comment regarding the rpm below)
* Steering was excellent, though the bars did feel slightly too wide for my liking, but didn't hinder me from controlling the bike
* Tyres were super impressive - really surprised me how good they felt
* The gearbox was very smooth (not as responsive as the SV), but just smooth and clutch feel was nice (had one false neutral, believe it was when going from 3 to 2)
* It felt comfortable at more or less any speed up to 65/70 mph. It was still fine at 70, but a lot of wind more me (and I'm used to an faired SV)

* Suspension was alright for driving around in London and since I come from a stock suspension sv650s it didn't feel better or worse. However, on the SV it bellows and feels too soft at time, on the scrambler my jaw stuttered once or twice when I didn't notice some minor uneven parts of the road surface.
* Exhaust - it sounds alright, but not as throaty and nice as my SV (I got a slipon, and I think this one needs a change of pipes)

* Twitchy throttle below 3.5K - The SV is very smooth and took a while to get used to.
* Exhaust - it sounds alright, but not as throaty and nice as my SV (I got a slipon)
* the controls (for lights etc) looks extremely cheap, and flimsy (it might hold up, but looks like it would brake anytime)

So I want to move from a sportier bike to a simpler one, because I spend 95% in London, and I'm hoping to ride a bit safer as the years move on. The shift from the SV to the the Scrambler is a minor one, except the riding position and for me how that makes you want to drive a bit more comfortable (enjoy the view), rather than speed and zig/zag. So at the end of the ride I was happy enough to take the plunge and get a bike. Metropolis also seemed to have sold loads of yellow once, but not many red, so there was a brand new one there with no name on it.

So I should be picking it up in 2 weeks (as I opted for 15th plates rather than 14th... otherwise it would be next week).
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Great feedback, really appreciate you taking the time to write it all out.
Considering your height i wouldn't have thought your feedback on riding position would be as good as it is reported here!
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