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Hello Scramblers.
I am rebuilding both forks on my ICON 800.
There are many videos and instructions on how to rebuild the RH fork (Not with Brake Disc)
But hardly anything out there on the Internals of the LH Fork Holds the Brake Disc.

I have had a look on the internet and not found much at all.
The workshop manual is missing LH Fork Internals and is incorrect saying that it does not have a spring, which it does!

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Even the SCR online parts catalogue does not show the LH Internals.
Spring? Plastics? Strange Screw that requires a special tool to unwind.

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I've seen a few videos on installing the Andreani but again, no description of what is in the LH Fork and how to put it back together.

I found this many years ago.
Which kind of helped a lot but I think is incorrect.
I think the bottom stump is upside down.

Wood Auto part Automotive exterior Hood Tool

A video of a guy removing the bottom clamp showed this.

Motor vehicle Engineering Automotive design Machine Auto part

This image second after removing bottom stump shows the hollowed out plastic.

Love to know if there is a video or instructions out there.
Once I have the instructions I am going to post a video of how to do it in future.

Thanks in advance.
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