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There is another post on larger tanks ( other options from 2015 ) Ok I have two more
1. The 400 Scrambler tank is 500mls larger 14lts instead of 13 -1/2 lts ( but is the expense of buying a 400 Scrambler tank worth 1/2 lt ?
My option
2. I Carry a 3lt fuel bladder style , very handy to do that extra 50-70 or so ( a range of about 300 with bladder )

My next option will be when I get pannier racks made will be mounting fuel pod inside of rack ( other side of pannier and opposite side of pipe )

All ideas welcome !

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There's a company in California called Earle Motors who modified a bike they call the Alaskan. Alex Earle took a Ducati Desert Sled and make the following changes:

6 Gallon Hand Formed Gas Tank
2 Gallon Auxiliary Gas Tank In The Tail
21" Front 18" Rear Wheels
Kevlar Skid Plate
Low Fender
Powerful Lighting
Crash Bars
Narrow Solo Seat
Swing Arm Extenders (+3" Of Wheelbase)
Heavy Duty Luggage Carrier System

I'm not sure if it's all available for public purchase yet (I know the swing arm extenders are) but if one person can do it, someone else will if it's profitable. Honestly, the gas tanks and swing arm extenders are what interest me the most. 6 gallons would be over 23 liters, the auxiliary 2 gallon tail tank would be an additional 7.5 liters. Going from 3.5 gallons to 8 gallons would be great.


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