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Just put a deposit on an ICON

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Hey everyone! I am happy to have found a forum especially for the Scrambler.

I am currently trying to sell my Honda CB1100 that I have done a lot of work to , so that the Scrambler can be my new project. Since I am going to customize the **** outta it, I decided to just go with the base model.


This is what I was currently riding:
2013 Honda CB1100 - WhiteHouse/K-Factory/K&H/ POSH/WM - LOOK!

BUT not for long!! Who here is from Austin, TX?

I'm Ryan btw :D
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Hi Ryan, Welcome, sure your be missing a few horses from the new one.
yea maybe so, but the scrambler is a bit lighter. plus i will flash the CPU once that becomes available. I also was never really into crazy speed. I want a fun bike for around town and off road. This will be the cat pajamas! :D
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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