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Hello from Como, Italy!
I'm Marco and this is my first post!
Today I did a test ride here in Como, about 25 minutes long.

I owned a 125 Ktm EXC (my 2003), a Ktm Supermoto Prestige 690 (my 2009) and again a Ktm EXC 125 (my 2008) which is my current bike.

I also have a Yamaha Xmax 250 (my 2015) and a BMW 1200 GS (my 2015) but I do not use them often since those are my father's ones.

I will try to make some comparison between the best 125 2 strokes enduro bike (Ktm EXC) and the Ducati Scrambler.

Since I usually ride a "ready to race" bike, I noticed several things that you may not have seen or noticed in your test drives.

Engine is good, not super powerful but always there, the torque comes out very smooth.
Tires are super sticky! Great handling (maybe because the bike itself is not so high).
LED lights!
Super comfortable seat, riding position with the high handlebar is OK for me, very similar to KTM EXC.

Cluch lever is a bit "waving" up and down, I come from a Magura hydraulic cluch and this is what i felt. After 20 minutes it seemed to be OK so maybe I just have to get used to.
Shift and rear brake pedals are too low for me, but I read in the instructions that they can be lifted a bit.

In my opinion, the 1st and 2nd gears are too long, while the 5th and 6th are too short! I would have loved shorter gear ratio in the 1, 2 and 3 gears and longer gears in 4, 5 and 6.
There is a bit on/off effect in 3 4 5 6 gears. In 1 and 2 gears, especially on lower speeds I didn't noticed it.
The standard exhaust system is super quiet. It only does PO' PO' POFFF on 1st gear sometimes on low speed and when facing downhill.

That's all, I attach a photo of the bike I tried.

I asked the guys for a price configuration. I selected the Icon in yellow, they give me 400€ discount so I decided to buy also the SC Project slip on exhaust, which is very minimal and also very cheap. 100% Made in Italy!

Here are the models.

I will update when I'll go to pay the bike (hope to have it for the end of september)!

Hope my English is OK!




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