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Is the ECU a Magneti-Marelli?

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Anyone find any info on what ECU is in the Scrambler, and whether it is built into the throttle body or not? I don't know much about the old Monster...haven't researched it that much. Anyway, any info would be helpful.

Wondering if Dynojet will be coming out with anything for the scrambler. The full Termi exhaust with PC could be pretty sweet. Re-mapping the ECU in addition to a PC is the way to go, not just a PC.

My 13' V7 Stone was remapped but couldn't take a PC because the ECU is built into the throttle body and Dynojet said it was too difficult to make one for it. No 02 sensors either with my re-map, completely bypassed them. Looked better too...no wires sticking out of the exhaust, just put bungs in them. EVAP canister was thrown out as well. No cold starts whatsoever...bike fired right up and was ready to go within seconds.

I'm hoping the Scrambler will be/can be made to have great fueling. Once you're used to great fueling/no lean issues...you don't want to go back to that, at all.
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ECU is a Siemens M3C.
If you remap your ECU, a PowerCommander is not necessary.
I even think,the remap is the better solution,because a PowerCommander only changes the fuelmap.By reflashing you can also change the IgnitionMap,kick Lambda-Sensors off,etc.
Tools for Flashing the M3C ECU are at work...:D
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Sure,you void the waranty.
But i dont care, because i had great success by remapping the ECU of my SF.
If you work carefully, you dont harm the engine.

@ frank:
"The PC provides real-time air/fuel corrections that a remapped ECU on its own simply can't do."

OK, you are talking about Powercommander plus Autotune.
So, you need two add-on modules, the Powercommander plus the Autotune.

Autotune remaps real time during riding the Air/Fuel mixture.If you dont change components,like adding an open exhaust, you get an optimized map after a few rides.
Same you can do with remapping the ECU on a Dyno:Optimized Map without extra Piggy-Back Systems.

I dont like the Add-on electronics.

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