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Is Ducati Ashamed of the Scrambler?

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They keep the Scrambler sequestered in its own webpage instead of letting it play in the sand box with all the other desmos. That or they're hoping to sequester the target demo from their actual demo, as if their vapid and hip ideal target would be downright apalled that they're buying a motorcycle from a GASP motorcycle company?

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They do that with all of the new model intros. Since it isn't a production model yet, it hasn't been worked into the available bike lineup. It is a huge splash screen on the main site...
I also think that because the Scrambler is pretty different from the rest of the lineup Ducati wants to build a separate brand image for the bike. That is best accomplished by isolating it at first instead of showcasing it as a part of the larger Ducati lineup.
I remember when the new pannigale showed up it was up and integrated into the Ducati site from day 1. I think the point is to emphasize personality, the only real color on the Ducati page are the splash graphics for the scrambler...
If anything I think they're happy that they have tapped into a lower range of bikes and created a new brand image for that type of bike as well.
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