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Insurance Quotation Carole Nash!

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Hi all,

Just thought I would get a rough idea how much to insure the classic when it arrives.

As a comparison I did like for like in every way.

I am 50+ and live in a low insurance area. My MV Augusta was a group 31 and the Scrambler is a 34 apparently which was a surprise.

MV was registered in 2006 and valued at around 4.5k and insurance premium of £178.00

Scrambler for argument sake registered January 2015 valued at 8k CN quoted a whopping £391.00

I have been with CN for 15 years but will look to move if this does not come down when I do this for real.

Please let me know your findings. :eek:
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I can't imagine it costing more than a Monster 796 which I found to be pretty reasonable. I think the Monster 796 cost around $240 per year for full coverage with $250 deductibles, but I also insure 3 bikes, a car, and a house with them so I get a lot of discounts.
^ That's with Progressive by the way, and I'm 31 years old for reference.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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