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Insurance Quotation Carole Nash!

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Hi all,

Just thought I would get a rough idea how much to insure the classic when it arrives.

As a comparison I did like for like in every way.

I am 50+ and live in a low insurance area. My MV Augusta was a group 31 and the Scrambler is a 34 apparently which was a surprise.

MV was registered in 2006 and valued at around 4.5k and insurance premium of £178.00

Scrambler for argument sake registered January 2015 valued at 8k CN quoted a whopping £391.00

I have been with CN for 15 years but will look to move if this does not come down when I do this for real.

Please let me know your findings. :eek:
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I did something very similar and got a quote of around €875 if i recall, this would be my first bike in around 10 years ( i am 49 ).
When the time comes i would shop around and hope after the first year or two the price would start to drop. Still want that classic
Hi w2darren

Wow, thats high but understand the circumstances. has anyone had a quote from Ducati direct.

Have you contemplated a quick refresher course to hone your abilities before you take delivery. Thought it might be worth it after 10 years ie the traffic side is heavier nowadays.

No insult meant with regards to your abilities.
Mixup - I emailed 'my' dealer to enquire about Ducati insurance …I'll update when I get a response..agree about training - but also consider which courses your insurer will give credit for completion...
Good point with regards to the "which courses".

Yep be good to get some comparison, well done.
No insult taken Mixup, it is sound advice which i have taken onboard,
I do, do around 100miles a week, but that is on my racer or 29er, but still plan to do a refresher nearer the time.


My hat goes off to you, I probably do that in a month on my hybrid and on occasions its nerve racking most car drivers cut in to close.

Take care.
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