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Installing a SatNav GPS: Garmin Zumo 590LM

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Here is the DIY for my install of a Garmin Zumo 590LM on an Urban Enduro. This should apply to all models of Scrambler, and probably suitable for all models of Satnavs.

(link to product I used: https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/on-the-road/motorcycles/zumo-590lm/prod145273.html)

This information is provided for your benefit, but you assume all risks in doing this work yourself.

The kit comes with mounting hardware for a motorbike, including wiring loom and also a car windscreen mount.

1. Fit the mounting hardware & dock to your handle bars using provided hardware or 3rd party hardware. The kit mount is a basic D Link bracket with a ball. On the back of the dock is another ball, the 2 balls being joined by a double ended universal socket bar with wingnut for adjusting.

2. Run the loom down between the forks beside throttle & clutch cables etc

3. Remove plastic tank collar by gently prying upwards and forward from the tank to release the plastic spigots from the rubber bushes.

4. Remove Seat, then remove 2x 8mm bolts at rear of tank, and 2 torx bolts holding forward tank mounts. Carefully take out mounts without losing internal metal nut.

5. Gently ease tank backwards, providing access to front of Frame. Feed look through from LH side to RH side.

6. Gently roll tank to the left. Feed loom alongside existing cabling tied to RH side of frame on horizontal tube. Check that you've allowed enough cable at the forks for free movement throughout the range of turning. Adjust and replace existing cable ties at same position, tying new cable.

7. Remove 2x Allen head fasteners (one on side, one under mudguard) from plastic side trim on RH side. Don't remove panel but ease it back to allow running of the cable. Replacing cable ties, fix to existing cabling behind panel.

8. Remove plastic battery cover by removing rear 1x Allen bolt. Run cabling around to allow direct attachment to battery posts using crimp terminals on the loom. (note: this will mean the SatNav is always powered when docked. To have it power down with the key, splice the +tve cable onto the 12v supply on the USB socket wiring.)

9. Run GPS USB cable under ECU and into tool compartment, and coil it up. Cable tie GPS audio sockets near diagnostic port beside Scrambler USB port. Replace battery cover, refit RH side panel fasteners. Refit tank fasteners. Refit Seat.

10. Final mounted unit.

11. With unit removed and dock fitted with cover.

A couple of notes:
1. The Zumo 590 can be fitted either Landscape or portrait. It fits very well in Landscape beside the offset speedo.
2. The mount is simple but effective. It handles wind at speed no problem, and contains internal rubber mounts for vibration. It works well.
3. After a couple of days I changed the direct battery wiring to give the SatNav feed off the key controlled 12v supply.
4. The Zumo 590 (probably others also) connects to Bluetooth Helmets and your mobile phone for navigation audio instructions and the GPS screen can be used to access your phone address book for calls via the helmet. It works very well.
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Nice detail, good job.
Thanks for sharing.
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