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How will it go?

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Now, as for engines some say that the Scrambler could be getting the 821 cc liquid-cooled engine in Ducati's 2013 Hypermotard, and possibly sharing some of its architecture, at least as a base. While others fiercely support the rumors of a new Scrambler powered by an air-cooled engine displacing between 400 and 600cc in single-cylinder setup.

Likely the engine that will power the new Scrambler is Ducati's tried and true air-cooled 90-degree V-Twin in its 696cc setup straight out of the 696 Monster.

We'll see eventually, what are you guys hoping for?
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I'd be happy with the 969 monster engine.

considering the most powerful Scrambler was a 450cc from the Jupiter I'd say 969 is a nice upgrade :)
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