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How many of you?

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So, how many of you are running around with the Termi pipe installed and not had the remap done yet. I've heard conflicting reports on how much improvement the new fuel map is. Even here on this site some of the dealers seems to say "no big deal", or the new map has a corrupt files on it and won't load. "Should be ok to ride until the replacement map comes in" someone said the dealer told them. I'm going to have it done soon. Just wondering how many are in the same boat. Thoughts?
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a) is there a con to running non stock exhaust with no mapping mod?
b) what is the optimal (efficient, effective, economic) way to tune an aftermarket?
c) probability of warranty being void with such mods?

my general concerns here...

grammar, logic, rhetoric... in that order ;-)

a. Yes, you won't get the maximum benefit without the appropriate map.
b. With the proper map.
c. None.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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