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Home made licence plate holder + aftermarket turn signals

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Disliked the original licence plate holder and turn signals, didnt want to pay a lot of money so I got aftermarket turn signals and bought some raw aluminum bars and used my hands !


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where did you got your indicators from ?
Hey !
I got the indicators from a local dealer,
It really isn't that hard to change them, i had to drill some holes next to the ones where the stock indicators are screwed in, cut the wires and plug the new ones on. Looks good if you do it with patience =)
Elle est vraiment sympa ta brêle, j'aime bcp la couleur! Content de voir un autre suisse sur le forum!

Et beau boulot pour les clignos et la plaque, ça rend mieux comme ça!

A+ sur les routes!
That gray paint looks fantastic! Nice mods too. Cheers.
Would be cool if someone could make a license plate setup in such a way it can hide the plate by folding it in under the tail, motorized and remote control would be cool :D
Hey merci ! Ouais ca rend mieux j'aimais vraiment pas trop les gros clignos et le support de plaque un peu trop grand à mon goût.
Tu roules par lausanne des fois ? Si jamais tu passes par là MP moi =)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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