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Hi scramblers!

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I thought I'd join up and see what other owners have to say about the bikes

I picked up my yellow Icon last Saturday. It arrived two months earlier than promised as someone else dropped out of the queue (idiot!).

I'd been looking for a replacement retro bike for ages and wanted something that is made by a 'proper' maker, goes, handles and stops.
To be honest I hadn't even heard about the scrambler until I spotted a link on the Ducati website in mid Feb (yes I don't read the m/c press:eek:). I went to my local dealer, In-Moto in croydon, on the same day just to see if they had one to look at and the rest is history. I'd discovered it, ridden it and put down a deposit in under 24hrs.

It was an easy decision as I fell in love with it straight away and owning a Ducati was on my bucket list!

I've been riding since 1978 and haven't been without a bike since 1981. My last bike was a Moto Guzzi Griso 1100 which was fantastic and made me smile for 13,000 miles. I've only done 80 miles on the Icon so far but it has the smile factor in bucket loads!

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Thanks for the replies
I'd add a photo if it was easier lol!

This doesn't look like it's working but I'll post and see if it comes out....
I bet there's a whole thread on uploading pic ?


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Ok clearly I'm not good at this!

2nd attempt


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Hi Dukes
I don't seem to have much luck with pics
Doesn't this site like iPads?
Hi Mitra
That's young Vs 'oldeR'. Lol

Thanks Zeus :)

Hi Jerry,
Lol slower colour?
It's so bright that I don't need to turn my garage light on anymore!
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