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Hello from Portland!

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Been lurking here for a while as I wait (not entirely) patiently for my Yellow Icon to arrive. I'm Liz, been riding for about 8 years, and recently sold my 2010 Monster to fund my Scrambler. Nice to meet you all!
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I used to live in Seattle, about 10 years ago. :) I wasn't planning on buying one until I sat on one. And then sat on it again. Got home, and told my husband I needed to sell my Monster so there'd be room in the garage for a Scrambler. He laughed and laughed because usually, that's the way he is with bikes!
Thanks all! Chango, last update I had (about a week ago), mine's likely to arrive in early July, just after the big batch they've got on the way. I hope yours is on the way soon!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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