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Hello from New York

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Hello everyone, just signed up. Anyone out there a tall rider? I'm 6'2 and wondering if Ducati will offer some adjustment options like lower pegs and a bit higher seat. Too bad my legs only fold at the knee:)
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Hi and welcome from Catskill, New York! There's an excellent motorcycle seat upholsterer in Kingston, NY, Pirate Upholstery, he's made several seats more comfortable and more beautiful for me. He's done a bunch of work for Orange County Choppers too; totally recommend him.
Oh Cool, thanks for the heads up. Pretty chilly up there still huh?
Not so cold up here anymore, I'd take a little ride up the mountain except there's still lots of salt on the roads. All we need is one good rain. Where are you, Manhattan?
Nope. I'm on the North shore of Long Island. Finally getting warmer here. None of the Ducati dealer have the Scrambler on the floor yet. Still waiting to have a sit on one. Hope it not too cramped, I really would like to buy one.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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