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My name is Fahed Ibrahim...

I am an Indian born and brought up in Kuwait...

This is my second Ducati... the first one was MS4R and now the Red Icon

Nice to have a forum for the scrambler.

Had my ride delivered to me on Sunday, 15th March... Been riding since then and loving every km I make on it

That's all for now!!

Pics below:
Pic 1: MY Red GTI and matching Red Icon
Pic 2: Me on the left receiving the bike from the Brand Manager at the Kuwait Agency




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$0.21 per litre is almost comical.

I like how your bike and car are matching red. Is that your favorite color?

Glad to have you here on the forum. Would love to see some pics and video of you riding your Scrambler around Kuwait.


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Awesome to have you here. First from Kuwait I think. It's cool seeing how people are from all over the world on this forum.

It would be great to hear some of your thoughts on the Scrambler once you get some time with it. Are you planning mods?

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