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Hello from Germany

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Just wanted to say hello to the world wide scrambler community.
I live in Germany near Berlin, 48 years old and been riding motorcycles since the age of 16, some bike-less periods included.
Currently own an older BMW boxer and a Triumph Tiger, the latter I found to be an "amazing SUV on two wheels" but way too heavy for me (rather skinny ;-) ) and we*don't want to travel long distances on the bike anymore for several reasons. I seriously think about trading the Tiger for a Scrambler. Already managed to "test-sit" the bike (snowing outside) together with my wife. We were surprised how comfortable this nice little bike feels. Look forward to the upcoming test-ride. My favorite Scrambler would be red, spoked wheels, front metal fender, higher, frame mounted license plate, lower bar and Termignoni exhaust. We'll see :)*
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Welcome Cruiser! You just described my favourite version of Scrambler. I'd posted edited version of it's image here:

My Preferred Config of Scrambler
A big hearty welcome from me too. You will enjoy the scrambler for sure
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