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Hello from Boston, MA & Italy!

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Hi everyone,

I have a Ducati Scrambler Classic here in the US and just got one for Italy too.

Great bike! Love it!

Looking forward to this forum!



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Hello and welcome.

Assume you already know, but your bound to see a few Ducatista at the Larz Anderson Tutto Italiano this Sunday in Boston.

Ten dollars to register and ride in and park with the rest of the Itialian bikes. Tutto Italiano - Largest Italian Car Festival in New England - 8/3/14 | Larz Anderson Auto Museum

Oh yes! If I'm in town for the weekend will definitely check it out! Thank you!
Two bikes? Good for you.
Are they both exactly the same, or did you get different colors or something?
That is actually not too bad for $10 probably just enough to cover them using the property and other basic costs, sure better than what else we spend $10 on at times. Plus you can't beat that type of event for what it costs.
I'm in Boston as well and I have yet to see another Scrambler. Hope to see you around :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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