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Heated Grips alternative

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Went to my ducati dealer today and the heated grips have there's no ETA still, but finally a price: AUD $380, which is a lot more than the $199 USD I've seen online, but I really wanted a heating solution..

Turns out they had this new battery powered heated glove on display and cost about the same as the grips - except a) it's transferable to any bike, b) it's also a nice waterproof glove and c) it heats more than just the palm.

They're made by Five which is the brand of my favourite summer gloves, so they literally fit as a glove and k got an awesome deal at $290 instead - so now they're charging at home for a planned ride with mates tomorrow night! I'm stoked, and also plan on using them for snowboarding on cold days!


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Seems like a pretty good deal and the use for snowboarding is great too. Didn't really know that they had much snowboarding in Australia though. :p
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