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Headlight Cleaning Solutions

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I'm looking for LAZY solution to the following problem. I have a FT with the headlight grill, when it rains the water flicks up dirt on the headlight which then drys. I wasnt expecting much from the front mudguard and I generally wear waterproof gear anyway. But the problem will be coming into the winter months as I use this bike to commute, where I will be leaving the house in the dark and coming home in the dark. The grill will naturally cut down on the lights effectiveness anyway but coupled with an uncleaned headlight this will be an issue. I know i can take the grill off and give it a wipe but given i will be commuting through the winter with a lot of rain/wet roads this will become a pain and also a great way to lose the screws holding it in place. So is there a hack I havent thought of to clean the head light without removing the grill. Otherwise I might just take it off for the winter.
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Toothbrush, pipe cleaners, and flossing with a rag?
Believe it or not I tried the toothbrush/ flossing with a rag thing, the most effective quick way so far is one squeeze of Muc Off spray and they a couple of sprays of water to wash it off.
You could! Get the high fender, it's a 15 minute job?
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