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Greetings from Munich

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Hi there,
my name is Michael, i am from Munich and i fell in love with the new Scrambler the moment i saw it the first time. I am 42 Years old and i quit riding 15 years ago, i don`t know why, it just happened. Last year i bought a small chinese bike, a licensed copy of the Suzuki VanVan. I bought it to commute to work and then i thought: " come on, riding is fun , you should get a proper bike" and it thought about the Guzzi V7, or a Triumph maybe.. Well, then the scrambler appeared...
I am going to visit the local dealer next week and put in a deposit! I go for the Full Throttle.

here is a picture of my current bike

see you!


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Your current bike looks great. I can see that you have good taste in bikes. Will you add the Scrambler to your collection or are you going to sell your current bike when you buy the Scrambler?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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