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Google Maps shows inside the Ducati Museum in Bologna

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The Ducati Museum in Bologna is a popular destination for motorcycle enthusiasts who happen to be in Italy. If you aren't able to get to Italy to see the museum first hand, Google Maps can give you a tour while you sit comfortably at your computer.

To take the virtual tour, you need to search for "Ducati Museum" or "Museo Ducati", and zooming into Street View mode. Once you are "in" the museum you can see exhibits such as Ducati's MotoGP and World Superbike race machines and historic models like the original 1946 Ducati Cucciolo motorized bicycle.

The main attraction is the main hall which offers a timeline of motorcycles that played significant roles in Ducati's racing heritage.

The only things that you'll miss out on with the virtual tour are the multimedia exhibits. For that you'll need a ticket to Italy.
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I never really thought of Ducati as being equal to McLaren but for motorcycles. While Ducati makes amazing superbikes, I think it has more attainable models as well. McLaren is only focused on supercars. Aren't there other motorcyce manufacturers that are more exclusive and high-end?
Maybe not equal to McLaren but they're much close to it in the bike world than many other bike makers.
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