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I really don't like the vast majority of riding boots, so I had been wearing my rewinds and debating about ponying up for these. I'm really glad I did. the redwings were great, but I was concerned about the event of an accident and losing them with only three eyelets and some slick laces. The coopers have five eyelets and the way the boot is designed you literally have to unlace incompletely half way and then loosen the laces the rest of the way down to get your feet in and out. They're not coming off it an accident. The laces are of an almost elestic like man made leather that really grips the eyelets and the other lace side when tied making for a sure and snug fit which is reassuring. When I ordered them i had originally intended on taking them to a cobbler and having a leather ankle strap with loop and buckle or velcro attachment to ensure they stayed on in the event of something happening. Having put 150 miles on with them I have decided otherwise. The boots are of calf leather with a black lining proving wicking and enough insulation to still keep the toe box warm at 45-50 degrees without be too hot at 70 degrees. The boots are very minimalist and very pliable with padding for your ankle bone on the sides and a toe cap for morning the shifter. My Redwings are probably a thicker leather, but these should provide many miles of riding and walking, as they could easily be used to be taken out on the town without any issues of extended walking. The boot leather starts to patina almost immediately, which I'm liking, but just in case your too much of a hipster that's surrounded by pavement, Dianese has gone to great lengths to provide a fake "dirty patina" on the soles. this is really quiet funny, as the "dirty patina" came off while walking through wet grass for 30 ft, which can bee seen in the pic where the side sole is white.

The sizing is Euro and I have always found it difficult to get a proper fitting for my shoe size with the Euro sizing, but it's not uncomfortable,just different in the way it fits my foot as compared to U.S. sizing


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