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Gear Review—Shoei GT Air Wanderer

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I'm really liking this helmet. The GT Air is a really snug fit, but comfortable for the long haul. Venting is adequate at speeds of 35 mph and above anything below and you MUST crack the visor, it's almost sealed Too well. It's double gasket up front seals extremely well, almost too well. This along with the rest of the design makes for an extremely quite helmet. Without this helmet I don't know if I could handle my Termi, even with it the Termi gets to me at times. It comes with a clear front shield that almost sucks back into the helmet and has an interior drop down sun visor that is more than adequate for most conditions. The GT Air also has a greater field of view than most helmets, as the visor wraps further back along the sides giving you a greater peripheral view and an anti-fog shield that can be attached to the visor. All padding is fully removable to wash and be swapped out and fitted for your head. Three vents are provided: one single position vent at the mouth, one dual position at the front and a single position vent at the rear that allows for fluid air flow. The helmet also has a chin curtain that helps reduce wind noise along with the other aspects mentioned above, as well as the emergency quick release system for paramedics should it be needed. I've been running it in 45-70 degree weather so far and it hasn't gotten hot unless I'm in stop and go traffic.

If I could change anything it would be having the option of a two position vent at the mouthpiece for lower speeds to reduce fogging, perhaps three position on the top, and maybe a quick release chin strap.


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I was looking at that and ended up with my Schuberth. No idea if I made the right decision or not. The Shoei was high quality and fit me properly. The Schuberth just happened to be on sale and was the same price, so I snagged that. Not sure it was worth it or not. Shoeis (and Arais) in this price range are just as nice.
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