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FT Rear Fender / Taillight / License Plate

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I see that there is a carbon fiber rear fender for the FT. I cannot find a part number for it. Can anyone tell me if it includes a license plate light and holder? What is the part number(s) for these items? Does any "kit" include plugs for the swing arm when the ridiculously hideous stock setup is removed?

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Any scramble model fender should fit your bike - they all run the same frame, but I cant say I've seen a Carbon Fibre rear ones - but I could be wrong.
Would love to know if this is true, as I'm thinking I may soon get over my back getting dirty (although it does blend with my Tobacco jacket quit well) on my FT.
I can't recall who it was (maybe the other forum), but someone purchased the Enduro fenders (?) and had them painted to match the FT, looks pretty good IMO.
Something I may end up doing.

Here it is - check these out.
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