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FT bars or any other lower ones.

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Anyone that has fitted lower bars to their bike want to tell me what they are like to stand up with? I'm thinking slightly lower bars might make the bike a little more comfortable but I don't want to lose the ability to stand up easily on dirt or rough roads.

If you've read any of my previous posts you'll know I'm pretty happy with my Icon, No worries with suspension, throttle, seat etc. So I'm probably being a sook here but the only things I find uncomfortable about the Scrambler is wind pressure at 120kph and I get bloody cold on it. Really don't know how you blokes with high speed limits and actual cold weather do it. Maybe I just need to toughen up lol.

At the moment I'm seriously considering the dart flyscreen and also tossing up slightly lower bars.
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Come on now, surely someone with lower bars has tried standing up by now????
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