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Fork oil quantiies - different per leg?

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OM says

427 cc right leg
298 cc left leg

IS this right? Legs look the same (although I guess left leg has brake system on it).

Fluid recommended is a 7.5 weight. I'm planning on changing to a 5 weight.

Does anyone know if there are any drain screws on the bottom of the legs? I can't see any so I'm assuming I'll have to suck the old oil out.
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Ok that makes sense and I figured it was going to be that hard.
One leg is compression and the other is rebound which is somewhat common with upside down forks. They definitely take different amounts of oil. Also you have to completely tear them down to get all of the oil out of them and then put in exactly those two amounts because there's no way to measure with a dip stick like old skool forks you may be use to.

I read through the tear down in the service manual and I think you may need a special tool or two in order to take them down far enough to drain them. It goes without saying that they have to come off of the bike though, unfortunately.
Ah **** - surely not? if they're off - can't they be inverted and pumped to drain?
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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