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Fast Flashing Indicators!

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Help brains trust!

First admission is elect-trickery is not my specialty!

I have replaced the stock indicators with smaller NON-LED indicators. What I thought was going to be a simple job turned into an entire Saturday afternoon of frustration.

All four indicators are installed and are working although they now blink at double the rate (which I understand usually indicates that a bulb is out). I have checked and all four bulbs are working.

The new indicators are a single wire type.

The two rear indicators have the white Ducati wire connected to the indicator wire with the black wire not connected tucked out of the way. The earth is achieved through the mounting on the frame.

The front indicators on the other hand are opposite to the rear. It seems that the black wire is the live and the white is the earth. Therefore I have connected the black live to the single wire on the indicator and then earthed the white wire to the body of the indicator.

Couple of bizarre findings:

1. Rear requires no earth wire to work although front does!
2. When I do try and add earth wire to rear indicator body, the indicators stop working. I thought I may have reversed the polarity, although when I swapped the live wire from white to black, the indicator would work with the white wire earthing on indicator body while the indicator was hanging loose from the bike - as soon as I would mount the indicator though, the indicator would short.

Very confused...

The long and short of it is I have now have working indicators but I want them to return to normal speed.

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You're going to need resistors or a new relay. You may have gotten bulbs which require less wattage and that's why you have the fast flashing. I will be wiring in LED RIzoma signals next week. I bought a relay (but I don't think I'm going to use it), lead adapters, and the signals come with ballasts or resistors to iron out the flash rate. My 1199S required resistors in the rear, but not the front. That makes sense since the front signals were LEDs and the rear were in incandescent bulbs.
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