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Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro Review

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Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro
I saw the numbers on this bike toward the end of 2014 and thought it could be something special; A super lightweight 803cc twin in the shape of an old 70’s motorcycle and a small adventure bike rolled into one. It was about November, with a little nudge from my wife, I put a deposit on one at Ducati Seattle.

I have it now, and I have to say, it’s awesome! It exceeds my expectations. I don’t know if it took all of the previous bikes I took adventure riding, on trails, in roadracing, cruising and touring to get to the point of understanding how awesome a bike like this really is, but I’m glad I’m here and this bike was introduced.

The power is great for its size and weight. It has great torque right off the line and throughout, and HP that takes you away to wherever you want to go. The numbers are 75 HP, 50 torque and about 400 lbs.

The forks are setup exactly the way the I like. On gravel and dirt roads they’re just right. On pavement, I hit some nasty bumps at full lean and the suspension soaked them up nicely with excellent control. The rear suspension is a little firm, but that makes for good control too. The steering is light, quick and nimble. The bars are wide and easy to manage. It’s a blast flipping through corners in the twisties and bombing around town.

I’ve ridden it on some forest roads and can imagine doing roads like the Dalton Highway and heading down Baja on this bike. It feels really good on and off pavement. It’s not a dirt bike, but it doesn’t have to stay on the street either. It’s a great scrambler, and maybe an nice mini adventurer.

If I try to find something closest to negative, I'll say right around 68mph there is a little buzziness, but it seems to smooth out again after that. The handlebar height is good for general riding, but a little low and close for stand-up riding on non-paved surfaces. That may be easily fixed by rolling the bars forward a little. I’ll probably add more aggressive pegs for the wet and dirty days. The seat size is just right, but is a little hard. I imagine that will break-in over time and be good.

The bike is well suited for twisties, blasting around town and fire roads. I haven’t been out in the sand with it yet, but I bet it’s great there too. I rode it in light rain this morning and it handled nicely there too. I think it’s well suited to almost everything. Very nice!

Did I mention it's a really fun bike in the twisties too!

Best bike I've ridden in a long time! Thank you for building it Ducati.

Seattle (Kirkland) Washington USA


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Good review, I picked up my urban enduro last friday and its been a fun week! Im across the sound as well, good to see so many Scramblers motoring around the PNW :D
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