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Ducati Scrambler Sold Out in Canada?

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I came across a terrible rumor on the internet today. Word has it the Scramblers that are on their way to Canada already have owners waiting for them. That would mean that the earliest lot of new Scramblers would arrive sometime in July.

Now this is all a rumor as far as we know, so I would take it with a grain of salt. Still, I really hope that this is not actually happening.

Read the full story here --> Ducati Scrambler Canadian Lot Sold Out, Rumor Has It - autoevolution
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Same thing happened to the Honda GROM. It took about a year before you could see one on the floor waiting for someone to buy it.

It's the combination of "Hey that looks like fun", low cost and the ability to customize that made the GROM become something of an instant cult following.

Sound familiar?
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