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Ducati Scrambler Dyno Run Titanium Shift-Tech

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Here are 3 quick Scrambler Dyno pulls before, a pull after shift tech titanium installation and aith Shift-Tech and Rexxer tune by Redline.

He said he will keep fine tuning it, I am really happy with an across the board 3hp gain and across the board torque gains.

The sound will know you off your ass!

Sooooo in love. The video crew were drooling in amazement when the twin was let out of th cage. Sounds Like a Harley! Badassness.

Here is the Scrambler at Redline getting 'the treatment'> https://youtu.be/KMk-fJAOcb4


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Really nice torque improvement of almost 12%!
I am no expert.. but I think there was a glitch in the last run for torque.. pretty sure its closer to a 3 torque gain overall. But I am still very happy, you cant hear it in the video, It is a BEAST! Like Night and Day.
That exhaust sounds awesome.
That exhaust sounds awesome.
Thanks Pacman! You should hear it in person! Rumbles like a Harley and has Pep like a sportbike up to 80.. you just have to shift more.. lol

Loving this bike so far.. 2 months in.

I ride it more than my z1000.
How much was it for a reflash of ecu. Also they able manipulate the map to optimize I take it with Rexxer hardware.
That does sound pretty sick, even on a video, must kill in person.
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