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Ducati Scrambler becomes best selling bike in Italy

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If Ducati was a person, it would definitely be smiling after an awesome April of sales. April 2015 has technically been the most successful month in sales in Ducati history. 7,309 bikes were sold in April 2015, which beats the previous sales record which was set in May 2012 with 6,500 units.

More importantly for us Scrambler forum members, the Scrambler has become the best-selling bike in Italy. It was always expected to rise to the top, but it seems to have beaten those high expectations. The Italian motorcycle market has grown by 69% when compared to the April 2014 figures.

Ducati Posts Record Sales in April, Huge Growth in Europe - autoevolution
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Yes the market has seen a decline here in the US. I believe that market may be on a up swing see a lot of excitement. The manufacturer's are reacting to the market changes such as Ducati with the Scrambler. Last couple of years see more entry level machines that are a lot of fun even for the experienced rider.
Glad to see the whole $70,000 chopper fad go to the way side. Most normal people can't afford that and there is a lot better choices in the under 10k segment. All the euro makes have been strong for last couple of years.
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