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Ducati metal quality

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This will be my first Ducati (when it arrives) and with recent experience of modifying my Suzuki, I was reminded how crappy some of the fixings are on Jap bikes. Several rounded off bolts on the brake disk.

How does Ducati fare with the quality of its fixings? Just in case I should start fiddling with the bike when it arrives!
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Quality should be similar to any other bike made somewhere other than China. If you're rounding off bolts, buy better tools :)

These T handled USA made Bondhus hex drivers are not going to round out any of the hex fasteners on the bike.

Nothing on the bike will round off if you are removing it with a high quality tool. And nothing will strip out if you put it back into place with the proper amount of torque.

The right hand mirror is reverse threaded :)
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