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Ducati Aftermarket Exhausts by Paolo Tesio

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Paolo Tesio makes some really nice aftermarket exhausts and here are some more of them. These ones are made particularly for the Ducati Monster. It's modeled after a viper. I think its pretty awesome.

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modeled after a snake

guess i kinda see itttt

not really
I totally see it. How can you not? It is pretty obvious from the sketch. I like the style of having the exhaust right under the seat like that but it won't really fit well with the Scrambler style bike. Maybe a ways down the road when I have enough dough for a higher end Ducati.
like i said.. i guess the bends in the exhaust?
I wish that one of the pictures showed this Paolo Tesio exhaust actually installed on a Ducati. It looks fine by itself but its hard to imagine what it would look like installed on a bike.
These are works of art, they belong in a museum
I found a few renderings of this Paolo Tesio exhaust actually installed on a bike. The rendering was made using the Cafe Racer body kit as the starting point.

how do you like this exhaust now that you've seen it actually installed on a bike?
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All well and good but what about the scrambler?
What an epic look, it looks so good that i'd be afraid of taking it out and ruining the finish:

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