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DM Telai Rack and Kriega Bag

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I purchased a US-20 bag from Kriega, which I have been riding around with for a few days. It fit great on the back seat. Though it hung over slightly, it did not block the tail light. The quality is great, and it is perfect for taking things to work and picking up food or small grocery runs.

I wanted a luggage rack as well, so I ordered the DM Telai rack in black. The tail rack showed up today, and I went to work getting it installed. While several members mentioned theirs went on fairly well, mine was a bit more of a hassle. The mounting brackets did not quite line up the holes on the bike, so it had to be torqued and twisted into place. It should have taken 30 mins, but ended up taking over an hour. There was also one bolt holding the black plastic piece to the fender that would not come out of the bike. It just turned and turned without backing out. I managed to work with it in, but it disappoints that a brand new bike has a stripped nut already.

Anyways, I am pretty happy with the results. I took some pictures below of the bag in various orientations. The first few show the bag on the bike sans rack. With the rack, I am sure I could get a US-30 bag on the bike, which stacks with other Kriega bags. I also think the rack looks pretty cool on the bike. Cheers!
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I have the same set up works great with two 10s as well as the 20
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