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DEMO available in Worcester MA at Wagner Motosports

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As my title suggests the dealer near me got their demo in yesterday and quickly had it ready to go. I was able to swing by and get a ride in.

Thoughts in order

  1. The bike looks bigger in person outside away from the Hyper and Diavel.
  2. WOW! This motor has beans! Serious pull up to speed. Yes its geared for acceleration and not like a super-bike. This translates to short bursts of acceleration followed by interaction with the clutch/shifter to bang out more forward progress as the rev limiter shows up suddenly.
  3. The off idle stumble is severe when you are doing large off and on throttle movements. Hard acceleration and then deceleration and back to hard accel... BIG STUMBLE! Cough is more like it. I hear the pipe clears this up.
  4. Can I slide back in this seat a bit? NOPE! Hmmm... I thought this was a bench seat. It locks me in one spot in a small dished out region close to the tank. The demo Icon's seat must be some prototype made out of modeling clay that hardened and was vinyl covered.
  5. Really great rider triangle. Bars are comfortable and legs are not crunched up. I got out on the highway and was surprised that the 75mph wind blast was surprisingly non-parachute-ing. At 80mph seemed to be the tipping point toward hard to hang on wind pressure.
  6. Sound of the stock bike is acceptable for those that like quiet bikes. That motor is very smooth for a twin. For those unfamiliar with the Duc's L twin its surprising how smooth and quick the motor is. A great choice for this type of bike. It doesn't feel dumbed down at all. It does feel geared shorter which lends itself to the type of bike it is. (Yep talking about the motor again...)
  7. Did I mention the seat is surprisingly hard and only has one position? Grrrr. I don't like it one bit.
  8. The grips feel like old school MX grips. The large waffle style have since been replaced with pillow style grips on most of my friends MX'ers. The stock grips feel old skool and aren't comfy.
  9. The suspension worked fine for my 200lbs arse. I was able to hit plenty of New England pot holes and the bike tracked through the rough stuff just fine. Yes the bike has a taught feeling but its not sharp edged for me.
  10. Outside of the stumble when hard on/off the gas its a very refined bike. Compared to my bud's Triumph Scrambler its a much faster accelerating and WAY BETTER braking, lighter weight easy handling bike. The Triumph's seating position is good enough for a hardcore cross country ride. The Duc's seat is 99% style and 1% comfort for me. I want a bench seat. I hope someone comes out with one for it. My stock 996S seat is far more comfortable to me.
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O boy! Thank you for taking the time to post up your thoughts. If the seat's the biggest worry that's small potatoes. Let us know if you go back for another ride.

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Thanks for letting us know what your impressions on the Scrambler were. Now that you've had a test ride, are you planning on actually purchasing the Scrambler? Is anything holding you back?
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Thanks for letting us know what your impressions on the Scrambler were. Now that you've had a test ride, are you planning on actually purchasing the Scrambler? Is anything holding you back?
I actually have too many motorcycles in the garage right now. (Kinda crazy but they all have a purpose and get used. There are more that I don't list below...) I have a deposit on the Icon in Yellow because it looks awesome and I really don't have a relaxed upright bike with that rider triangle. It needed to be comfortable to fit my need.

I found the seat to be a pain in the butt. I'm not used to sitting up right and I think that had something to do with it. I am keeping my deposit in play but may pass on getting mine right away. I want to see if anyone comes out with a true bench style seat like the Triumph for this bike. Or I may just say I have enough bikes and admire everyone's Scramblers as they ride by.
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