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I had to take my wife to the airport and there just happens to be a Ducati dealer 20 mins away so I thought I would swing by and have a look . He had 5 classics sitting in the showroom waiting for collection , I asked if I ordered one how long would it take them to get it , he smiled and a knowing nod said " I can get you one in 3 weeks , maximum 4 ! No problem" , to say I was surprised was an understatement . So I called in at my local dealer on the way home and asked him where my classic was , he got on his computer tapped away for a while then told me " it doesn't look like your bike is in the system yet to be built , but I will get in touch with Ducati to find out " .
So it seems to me it's just a lottery as to who your dealer is and what preferential terms and services they get from Ducati . If I wasn't into my local dealer for the deposit and a barrow load of bits I would of cancelled it (Manchester is also not convenient ). I ordered my classic in February and I still have no delivery date or expected build ,
at least Ducati Manchester seem to be on the ball and getting the customer the bikes they want with reasonable lead times .
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