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Dainese Cooper Boots 44 Euro Scavenger Hunt

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Dainese Cooper Boots - RevZilla

If anyone is bored out there and better at interwebz than I am, I have $20 USD PayPal with your name on it. If you can find dark brown, 44 Euro, IN STOCK -- You're the winner! Site must ship to US. If no one cares, I'll GFMS. Thanks for looking!

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Lol, yes tan... that color is less wanted than <insert censored controversial subject - use your imagination>. I have the dark brown jacket and gloves, can't be rolling around with tan boots... that's a faux pas.
Not to mention says out of stock! LOL. Man I tried; good luck!
Not to mention says out of stock! LOL. Man I tried; good luck!
Yeah, I can usually find just about anything... but this one is harder than the Quest for the Holy Grail. I left my Holy Hand Grenade at home.
$70 shipping, and cost more than MSRP. I have to think about that... If I buy it from there I'll live up to my word.

EDIT: I suppose YOLO... what's your PayPal? Yes I said, YOLO.
Dainese Cooper Shoes Tan it's where I got mine from
Ironically, that eBay post is the same store! (Where I just purchased them.)
Well that's all good then, they are super comfy and look really good as well , good choice . Get rid of the leather laces and replace with a nice pair of walking boot ones instead .
Did they break? I have no problem using them until they fail.
Nope didn't break , but you can't really tie them tightly with them on , I would guess that with use they might relax and be easier to use , but I found them annoying so just replaced em for a couple of quid ,
These are really well made, very happy minus some shipping SNAFUS and the higher than MSRP price lol.

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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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