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Custom Ducati Scramblers On Show at Verona Motor Bike Expo

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Three lucky workshops were given Ducati Scramblers to customize, and now we get to see the final results. Deus Ex Machina, Officine Mermaid and Mr. Martini are showing off their completed designs at the Verona Motor Bike Expo from today till the 25th of January.

Officine Mermaid remained faithful to the rough, spartan and basic approach to any bike they built, and this is why we dig their Scrambler quite a lot. The metal fenders have been hand brushed and left as they were because they were going to get all dirty and scratched anyway. The fork received a 21” enduro wheel shod with an aggressive knobby tire, while a matching 18” rear unit was the natural complement.

Everything which was not essential for riding the Scratch in the dirt has been tossed away and Dario Mastroianni even decided to chop off the stock silencer to make the bike tidier-looking and lighter. The Scratch also received a nifty menacing black paint in neat contrast with the golden rims and hubs and the brushed metal accents.

Deus’ Milan-based HQ delivers the Hondo Grattan dirt racer, a bike which got its name after the horse that won everything at the Harold Park race track in Sydney, Australia. Deus relocated the air filter inside the frame, added a larger front rotor, a custom shorty silencer and a race-inspired bodywork.

The tails section is a one-piece design, with a funny-looking azure suede solo seat, and a front fascia which acts as a race number plate and headlight casing. The diminutive front fender incorporates fork protectors and is there only for the sake of styling, as it will not be able to fend off mud and gravel.

Mr. Martini has a long history in dealing with Ducati machinery, and the modding kits they’ve created are true pieces of art. For some reason, the SCR is the one we like best, most likely because of the smooth aggressiveness oozing from this build. The Scrambler Café Racer hails back to both the American and the British origins, but manages to retain plenty of the initial Italian vibe.

Classic scrambler elements such as the high custom exhaust pipes and silencer and the knobbies are reminiscent of off-roading capabilities, while the reworked front and tail section introduce the café-racer-specific road going elements. Mr. Martini also relocated the foot pegs, handlebar mounts and replaced the rear suspension for a performance-oriented character and true on-off nerve for their creation.
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I kinda dig the first one, but I think they took it a little too far. Those are not Ducati front forks, wheels, headlight, fenders, exhaust, tail lights, turn signals, etc. I prefer more subtle tweaks that leave most of the bike with factory parts, and changing out the entire front end (forks, axle, wheel, brake, handlebar) seems a little extreme for a bike that hasn't even been ridden by the public. If the fork was a huge, beefy offroad fork that actually improved the credentials for a true dual sport I'd be all for it. I think however it looks like they ripped the front end off a Harley Dyna Low Rider and slapped it on:

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IMO the ideal bike would incorporate some of all three..

Love the body work (including the bikni and screen) and flat seat profile of the Martini bike, the tank from the Deus bike and the exhaust and wheels from the Mermaid bike... MWUHHH!!
Deus is not for me but the other two look great IMO
this one just looks weird to me:

biggest issue being that seat
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Nice to see these "exercises ". Not my cup of tea but definitely nice
The Deus looks to have a bigger tank, and definitely a taller seat (might be good for longer inseam)
Mr. Martini got the exhaust right.

Are these actually going to be aftermarket kits? If so, my customization work will be much easier.
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