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This applies to customers wanting to buy CRG Bar End Mirrors in the UK only

Earlier this month I ordered a pair of CRG mirrors from crgmoto.co.uk, paid £110 by credit card, received email confirmation - all looked OK. Two weeks later I started to chase, no reply to email or phone calls.

Quick google search turned up this thread which shows similar experience for other people from this company.

crgmoto.co.uk are still taking money with, what looks like, no intention of supplying goods.

Because my purchase was over £100 I can claim back from my credit card company under section 75 of the consumer credit act - but I expect this will be a PITA.

So, avoid using crgmoto.co.uk - they are a completely separate company to crgmoto.com in the US.

If this proves to be some kind of horrible mix up, or mistake on my part, I will post again!

Does anyone know of another UK, or European source, for CRG products?


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