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Hi guys! Has anyone considered (or actually did) a covering on his/her bike?
Like some of the members here, I am not the biggest fan of stock colors, which is why I thought a covering would be a good idea (I'm supposed to get either a red or yellow Icon delivered anytime soon). First quote I got is a little north of 800€, providing that I disassemble the parts myself. That looks terribly expensive, I assume a paint job would be less, but thinking about resale value, it might be safer to let the next owner decide if he wants to stick with the covering or get back to the original color. in addition, some buyers get cold feet when it comes to spending money on a bike that has been repainted, because it can be sometime seen as a bike that has been crashed.

Anyway, I'd appreciate your thoughts on this guys! Thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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