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My clutch is shot at 7000 miles, major slippage.
I don't ride clutch, no burn outs or wheelies.

I'm not happy, put over 50,000 on multiple bikes before and I've never had a clutch issue.
Taking bike in this week for service, my dealer has already stated that warranty will not cover this issue.
Any suggestions?
My clutch is now being replaced on close to 50,000, the other problems are what are costing me a fortune. Stand switch acting up, off switch glitches, false neutrals, 3rd oil filter leaking and spraying my back tire with oil, suspension worst ever, cornering ability rotten compared to cruisers for one. This will be my first and last Italian bike, I will go back to Japanese bikes and never touch this rubbish again. Out of all my bikes I never hated any of them, but I can state without doubt that I hate this bike it is rubbish. I have been nursing my clutch for over 20000 km so they can find one, now I am stuck on a harley until my bike is fixed and it is costing my AU$ 2600 including Desmo. I am really pissed off I ever wasted time and money on this rubbish bike.
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