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Clutch query

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Just a query in relation to the clutch on my Scrambler, or more specifically, the operation of the clutch lever.

I took my bike in for it's 1st service yesterday. Having mentioned the number of false neutrals I was getting, together with the difficulty I was having finding neutral, they decided to strip my clutch down to investigate the problem. What was supposed to take a few hours, ended up being a day-and-a-half, (although, I did get to play with an 899 Panigale for a day!). (They said that the bike had been built using incorrectly sized clutch plates!)

Having collected the bike today, I note that neutral is now far easier to find, but I've now got a different issue; the clutch lever friction zone is now so far out that it only operates in the last few degrees of clutch lever travel. This makes it difficult for me to ride the clutch on slower bends/junctions, due to having small hands and no clutch lever adjustment. I mentioned it to the Service Manager, who said that this is a 'feature of the 796 air-cooled engine'. Is this true? (I certainly didn't notice this issue before the clutch rebuild).

Thanks in advance,

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Get your service manager to ride it. If you think it's badly adjusted, it's badly adjusted, take it in and get them to put it right.

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