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I have a 2016 Ducati Scrambler Icon. Seeking a less vibration, more comfortable street ride so going to swap my stock front rider footpegs for one of following "exact fit" 'made in Germany' aftermarket peg kits w rubber inserts;
-SW-MOTECH ION DUEL POSITION FRONT PEG KIT FOR DUCATI SCRAMBLERS ECT/ can set to lower the peg ht by 25 mm,,,,cost: USD $115.90
-SW-MOTECH EVO PEG KIT/ this kit has a 360 degree adj. capability/move up/dn/back/fwd cost: USD $168.95

After reading multiple posts on this forum from members who swapped their stock icon scramble front pegs for Ducati OEM Mulistrada 1200 pegs w the rubber inserts, and claiming that the added peg height due to the rubber inserts, caused them to need to adjust their shift levers,,,,,,something don't want to do plus I WANT rubber inserts for my street riding only. The 2 EW-MOTECH kits look fairly flat shapped in the pics on net even w the rubber inserts inserted, and, both kits r adj. to LOWER the peg ht., allowing me to hopefully avoid doing a shift lever adjustment.

Has anyone tried either of these SW-MOTECH peg kits on their Ducati scrambler icons, and if so, do u like them, and, did u avoid having to adjust your shift levers? Any install issues, ect.? You can google these kits on the net to look at photos by using my descriptions listed herein if interested. Here r the manuf.'s pt #'s:
-FRS.22.011.10001.S for the SW-MOTECH ION KIT @ USD $115.90
-FRS.22.112.10001 for the SW-MOTECH EVO PEG KIT @ USD $168.95

  • solomotoparts.com
  • SW-MOTECH.US /Best source, my opinion, cause seems to be the factory branch in U.S.
  • sdmoto-parts.com
-revzilla.com/6-8 wk lead time
-motosport.com/6-8 wk lead time

*item descriptions/pricing may vary. If u know where to click, some sites show the installation instruction in english....reviews all positive,,,,install can be ez doable if u know what u r doing. have a dowel pin tool, ect.
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