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Chain Adjustment wheel nut torque setting

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Its saturday evening and all the dealers are shut.
Anyone know the torque figure to re tighten the rear axle after chain adjustment?
Why isn't this basic stuff in the manual?
It's important it affects the wheel bearings too.
And while I'm on mr. Ducati, why is the measurement for chain slack different in the manual to the sticker on the swingarm?
By the way, the manual method is impossible (unless you fit about a 10 tooth rear sprocket!!)so sack the technical copy proof reader who must have slept through that bit.
Anyway, anyone know the torque setting?
Cheers, I'm off to soothe myself with some 8% cider.............
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According to Workshop Manual: 145 Nm
I found a Thread in this forum with a Downlod Address.
The address to buy:

DKM Motorcycles Workshop & Manuals: 2015 DUCATI SCRAMBLER Workshop Manual
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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