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Brisbane ride Saturday 25th April

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I'm going for a ride from Brisbane Southside through Fernvale and over Mt Glorious on Saturday early afternoon. Not looking for a race just a easy afternoon ride after an early morning start,

Anyone interested, let me know, reasonably flexible on start time, around 12 or 1 by preference.

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I can go

Picked up mY full throttle today.
Would love to go out.
Saturday is best as I have kids sports sunday, but Monday could work as well.
Midday would be good. I'm at the gap, so my Nero, up to glorious could work well
Either way, just ping a start time and location and I'll try and be there.
Have to break it in, so I'll go easy for a while.


Sorry for the late reply, something came up and I've been off line.

Good to go tomorrow if that works? Given that you're at The Gap and I'm on the Southside probably somewhere near you at around 1.00 pm?
Go for a ride over towards Fernvale and back?

I'll pm you my phone number.

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So jealous! I went out for a quick blast around Gap Creek road today and the weather is fantastic! The bike's handling and sound just get better and better too!
Caught up with Shane on Monday, great weather, clear and mid 20 degrees.

Had an afternoon run out through Fernvale over Mount Glorious and Nebo, roads were busy but still had a good ride, these things are serious fun!

We pulled up at the 7 eleven down the bottom for a chat but the Australian version of the "land of joy" took over, we barely had our helmets off and two ladies pulled up beside us in a new Porsche Maccan, we spent 20 minutes talking to them, they were very interested in the bikes, yes the bikes.

seemed like very nice people, anyway, when they left it was time to go.

Shane, thanks for the afternoon it was fun, it would be good to do it again and hopefully get a few more from here to join us, I think there are five Brisbane owners on the forum, maybe make time for a coffee and a couple of photos of the bikes.
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Are you guys keen on meeting for a coffee say, tomorrow night? We can try to get some photos too - I can bring an slr.
Suggest somewhere central like Park Road, Milton where we can park the bikes in front of the coffee shop too - they'd go well with an Italian shop :)

Pretty much any night after 8 can work for me.
Mate, I'm keen but can we wait until it warms up a bit?

I saw this last night and have given it quite a bit of thought, I'm too soft to be out that late on these cold nights.
Yeah, might need it to warm up a bit as well.
Gets hard for my old fingers to hang on when it's too cold - but have heated grips coming.
No worries you guys tell me when! I've got heated gloves :)

I found an epic bit of road today about 15 minutes from my house... perfect scrambler country and very scenic! Perfect for when I can't get out to Mt Mee and stuff..l
Sounds like you blokes have been having fun and I missed out. Happpy to go on another ride with fellow Scrambler owners and check out each others bikes, looking forward to comparing FT bars to Icon bars. Feli, cafe idea sounds good but I'm happy to wait with the others til the days get longer and warmer.

I'm retired so pretty free to go for rides whenever. Feli, not far from you so share the epic road details :), one of my really short loops is just a lap of Mt Cootha, about a 30 minute return trip from my place.

Another good road that I just relearnt because I hadn't been that way for ages - If you are heading Brisbane to Fernvale way take Pine Mountain Road, much more interesting and cuts out all the rough, boring bits on the Fernvale Rd.

This thread is dated so I'm going to start a new one for Brisbane and surrounding area rides, post up there if you want a ride.

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