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Bike World review

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Here's a very watchable review from Bike World, (albeit, a bit tongue in cheek)...

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Good review about the philosophy more than the bike, and it makes sense. I think it will definitely infuse new excitement into the motorcycle world and bring new riders in. It's intimidating for new riders to think about the absurd jump in power from something like a Yamaha TW200 to pretty much any sport bike 600cc and up. I have 19 years of riding experience and bikes with 200 horsepower do not appeal to me (to own) in any way, shape or form as a street rider. If I was to take racing seriously, sure 200 hp sounds great but I'd probably buy a 5 year old bike already safety wired up and crashed a few times instead of dropping $15-20+k on a new race bike.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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