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Beware of Pro Italia

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I was eager to get the carbon fiber front fender so instead of going through a dealer I ordered from Pro Italia and even forked over an extra twenty for three day shipping.

Four hours later I get an email from them saying they don't have it in stock and it will take them seven to ten days to get it.

Not a big deal but still not very professional on their part. Something to think about when you order from them.
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Thanks for the heads up. I know exactly what it's like to feel impatient, especially now that a lot of us have gotten used to Amazon Prime. Your e-store needs to be able to tell me (accurately) if the item is in stock and ready to ship. Showing it as in-stock when it's not and playing dumb is basically bait-and-switch behavior in 2015.

Last year when I got my BMW airhead I was surprised how many of the noteworthy online parts sellers refuse to take paypal or credit card as payment. Check or money order only. I complained about it and a bunch of people told me that I was being unreasonable because these are just small businesses. I've become too spoiled by what is possible from GOOD e-tail businesses. My helmet I bought this week from Revzilla was here at my house, safe and sound 3 days after I paid for it. That's just normal now to me. If people can't make it happen, I don't want to float them cash up front.
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I'm selling used Ducati Scramblers for 8000 dollars. Place your orders now and I'll let you know in a few years when inventory has accumulated.
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