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Picked my Scrambler (Red Icon) up last Saturday and did a 129 K ride last Monday.
My previous bike was an '09 848 Duc so this was a unique transition.
I agree with others here that the seat is a fairly hard seat for those of us with bony butts!:laugh:
I found that many of the issues or complaints shared in the early reviews were non-existent (probably pre-production test bikes).
For example, I found shifts to be very positive in both upshifts and downshifts. The majority of the reviews I watched stated that the shifts were difficult to feel. The reviews also stated that the shift into neutral was sort of mushy. I had no trouble feeling neutral immediately through my boots.
I found the bike to be very nimble and another member here speculated it is due to the lower center of gravity. I agree that the bike does feel lighter than its actual weight. The ride is very smooth, the seat hard but I can deal with it.
The reviews stated the throttle was grabby which again I found not to be true. I would say that the throttle is very responsive, but not "grabby". I may be a bit biased due to the years of the 848 which required a bit more clutch control in 1st gear due to its gearing.
The power transfer is very quick and reminded me of the dirt bikes from my younger days. I hit a fair sized pothole in the road which caused me to snatch the throttle ever so slightly and I did my first small (low) wheelie up to the stop sign. I wasn't expecting that!:eek: So I can say with conviction that the Scrambler's throttle response is quick and the wheelie was more a fault of my hand position than the throttle response..
I also enjoy the minimalist speedo. It has all the necessary functions I need.
I am impressed how easy it is to lay the Scrambler over through the turns. The stock Pirelli tires have excellent stick to the road.
Braking was very good! This however is my first experience with ABS brakes on a motorcycle. I plan to experiment with the ABS system on and off and will share my thoughts later.
My first good ride was over all too quickly. I am very happy with my decision to purchase the Scrambler. I miss the 848, but the Scrambler comforts me just fine.
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